Museums have the ability to show more than what is on their walls and websites. They can now begin offering Augmented Reality experiences with the average visit.

For many people, who live around museums, the museum has become a normal part of life. When people don’t know where to go, they might visit a museum and go get some lunch, even if they’ve seen most of the artwork already, excluding the seasonal exhibits. This may cause a lack of visits from the average customer. This is why it’s important to include both seasonal exhibits and exciting immersive experiences. With the new stimulus package including aid for museums, this may be a critical chance to dramatically improve your visits. Augmented reality is the perfect innovative and exciting addition…

With a growing interest in virtual reality, especially with the release of the affordable VR Headset — the Oculus Quest 2, there have also been rising concerns.

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Is Virtual Reality safe? As Virtual Reality enters the mainstream with new applications and video games being released monthly, this question has, no doubt, entered the minds of many people. The answer to this question is “mostly yes”. However, there are a few measures you should take to keep your Virtual Reality experience safe and fun.

Stay Seated or Static

Though we see many images of people standing using virtual reality, it is safest when one is sitting, and if not sitting, at least not moving around too much. Staying sitting down drastically reduces the risk of falling over, bumping into objects, and overall…

This year has been possibly one of the most ‘intense’ years of most of our lives. Here’s a helpful guide to start your year ‘in the know’.

The coronavirus has taken what would have been a normal end of the year to a moment of excitement and possibly even trepidation while looking forward to the new year. Let us take some of the guesswork out and turn you towards what will most likely be some of the most interesting and exciting parts of the new year in the technology industry. Let us help you start your year off right.

Immersive Technology — AR, VR & XR

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. With Apple planning on entering the market with their own Augmented Reality glasses and Virtual Reality now being seen as a…

Decisions are being made on your company’s remaining budget. Don’t let it go to waste. Invest it smartly with these 5 tips.

As we get closer to the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, goals are being made, and strong endings/beginnings are being discussed. Along with that are decisions on the remaining budget. It’s strongly encouraged to not just let this go into random things to just make sure it’s spent, but to think carefully about investing it to both end and begin strongly. Here are 5 smart things you can do with your remaining budget for this year.

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Invest in a New Software

Software often plays a huge role in businesses of today. Whether it’s virtual reality training software or accounting…

VR has just much gotten cheaper. How will you take advantage of it?

With the appearance of the new Oculus Quest 2, many are starting to debate whether or not to get one. The Oculus Quest 2 is at an astonishing low for the VR industry at $300 and is in no way a downgrade from other VR headsets. It allows almost complete freedom with every piece being completely wireless. With this VR headset being as cheap/cheaper than consoles and being compatible with TVs and computers, it’s no wonder why many are beginning to look at VR as a possible option, not only for entertainment purposes but professional ones.

1. Gaming

This is an obvious…

The driving training industry is ignoring a huge possible game-changer for training — virtual reality. Virtual Reality is a great way to train new employees before they actually get on the scene. Virtual reality driving training is also a great way to avoid outsourcing training altogether. It saves both time and money.

Driving is one of the few things that are especially important to learn properly in the beginning. This is because one’s driving effects more than the annoyance of drivers around them, it can cost lives. The mortality rate has been going down, yet they are still not low enough. In 2018, there were 36,650 vehicle-related deaths. All of those deaths were of licensed adult drivers.

For truck drivers, the stakes are even higher. Though workers get through the CDL tests, that knowledge is often not improved on or revisited. This is shocking as truck driving has one of the highest…

Education has generally been slow the the technology uptake for good reason, but is now the perfect time to adapt to circumstance and learn how to use advanced tech like AR to its advantage?

It is of course widely understood that technology has had a large impact on the way we experience our day to day lives. There are few areas in our world that are untouched by technological advancements (and the Amish is the largest one). Education specifically has always argued with the use of technology and whether it hinders or helps children. No matter what, teaching is still teaching and technology should simply be a tool in the way teachers teach. With that in mind, here are three ways technology can be utilized effectively by education spaces, without completely replacing those spaces.

As museums open, they may be forced to become a little more creative with their options. The dramatic change in the museum industry’s economy is an opportunity to do more.

Museums have begun announcing reopening dates, from larger ones like NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art to smaller ones like Connecticut’s Wadsworth Atheneum. Covid-19 has not only stalled the profits gained by museums, but has also forced some museums to close down. In fact, “a June survey from the America Alliance of Museums found that as many as 12,000 of America’s museums may close for good.” This is a startling statistic that brings into question how museums will adapt and be able to continue making a profit even when their doors are closed or they are being forced to serve at…

Virtual reality education in the vocational/technical environment brings stability, trackability, safety, and an unforgettable learning experience. Here’s how.

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People will need to both train and be trained forever, either to learn new skills or to brush up on skills they may already know. Why make it harder and more expensive than it needs to be by putting someone through a full physical program with others when you can streamline efforts with a manageable and trackable system? Why risk injury to both personnel and expensive machinery when you can teach just as well from the comfort of your own environment? That is what virtual reality brings to this area of education.

Vocational/technical training is critically important in our modern…

Creating a story that is interesting, dynamic, and memorable can be a challenge. But with these tips in mind, you can take even a ‘boring’ story to the next level.

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Telling your company story can be difficult. There’s no doubt about that, just because there are so many options and ways though it may be difficult also to stray away from the most popular. You may not know where even to start other than just starting from “the beginning”. But where do you go from there? Companies choose their company stories based on their history, what they stand for ethically and environmentally, and lastly based on the human beings who make up the company. All of these things can be expanded on and even attract prospective consumers with the right…

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